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Francis and Jane in the Garden. Artist: Thomas Ribits, OSFS

The focus of this ministry is the in-depth study and dissemination of the spirituality and 21st century legacy of two exceptional seventeenth century saints:

St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Charismatic Bishop of Geneva, gifted spiritual director, reformer, evangelist and catechist.

St. Jane de Chantal (1572-1641)
Wife, mother, widow, administrator and with Francis de Sales, her friend and spiritual director, founder of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary.

Together, these two saints are the source of a unique spiritual tradition called "Salesian Spirituality" which is intended for all believers, no matter their position in life. Especially appropriate for those living very busy lives, Salesian spirituality challenges a person to be who they are and to be that well - not as angels but as good men and women. It is a spirituality for those who share their lives with family, friends and working associates, those who choose to embrace the depths of the human heart, and those who choose to Live Jesus in this world.


Over 1500 Salesian resources make up this catalogued loaning library, including books and periodicals in several languages, a "vertical file" of articles and other shorter pieces, and a number of audio and video tapes. Additional uncatalogued visuals (videos, slides, portraits, etc.) and computerized resources are also available. LEARN MORE


Desales Resources and Ministries located in Stella Niagara, New York illustrates the meaning of Salesian Spirituality and the legacy of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.


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